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Fly touch 2: Android 2.1 Tablet, 10.1", 1GHz CPU, Wifi, G-sensor, HDMI Output, Camera

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    Fly touch 2: Android 2.1 Tablet, 10.1", 1GHz CPU, Wifi, G-sensor, HDMI Output, Camera

    Camera 1600 x 1200 Pixel
    Screen resolution: 1024 x 600px
    Telechips  1G MHz ARM
    Ultra slim and compact: 14mm
    Android Operation System: You can download a huge selection of free and paid softwares from the Android Market.



    Manufacture Specification:

    Processor TypeARM
    Processor Clock Speed1G MHz
    Processor ModelTelechips
    Cache Memory / Installed SizeI-Cache 2M
    RAM Installed SizeDDR 2 256MB
    Screen Size10.1"
    Max Resolution1024 x 600px
    HDMI Output Support 1080P HD video
    Display TechnologyResistive touch Screen
    Graphics TypeIntegrated Graphics
    Operating System Android 2.1
    Product Type Tablet PC, MID
    Keyboard Touch screen
    Pointing Devicefingers & stylus
    Battery Type Built-in 7.4V 3800MAh battery
    Battery / Run Time (up to) Work time: about 3-5 hours
    Voltage required 100/240V AC Adapter
    Dimensions / W x D x H 270 x 170 x 14mm
    Built-in Speaker Yes
    SkypeNot pre-installed.But you can install it from Android Market.
    Android MarketYES
    FlashOnly Android 2.2 and above fully support Flash 10.1
    Email and BrowserYES
    GPSSupport external
    Web Camera 1600 x 1200 Pixel
    Storage and Expansion
    Hard Drive TypeNAND Fast Flash
    Hard Drive Capacity2G
    PCMCIA ExpansionTF (Support 32G MAX)
    Input/Output Ports
    Full-size USB Port/Adapter2
    Mini USB Port/Adapter1
    HDMI Port/Adapter1
    Rj45 Port/Adapter1
    SD Card SlotNO
    TF Card Slot2
    DC Jack1
    Earphone Jack1
    Internet Connections
    WiFiWIFI 802.11b/g
    YES, support external
    Support Formats
    VideoMKV(H.264 HP), AVI, RM/RMVB, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP4, MOV, FLV, 3GP
    AudioMP3, WMA, MP2, OGG, AAC, FLAC, APE, 3GP, WAV
    PictureJPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF
    LanguagesCzech, Danish, Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew, Hindi, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, Serbian, Thai and Arabic
    Package List

    1 X Fly touch 2: Android 2.1 Tablet, 10.1", 1GHz CPU, Wifi, G-sensor, HDMI Output, Camera
    1 X Stylus Pen
    1 X GPS Antenna
    1 X Earphones
    1 X Charger
    1 X English Manual

    Additional Features Built-in Microphone, Android Market, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Camera, Gmail, MP3/MP4 Player

    Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

    (1). This item uses Android system. So if you want to run Microsoft programs, you will need to download applications from the Android Marketplace.


    (2). The computer cannot be turn on.
     a. Check the battery to make sure it is charged.
     b. Check the machine again after connecting the power adapter.

    (3). There is no voice from the earphone
     a. Check the volume setting
     b. Check the connection of earphones

    (4).  Noise
     a. Check whether the earphone plug is clear as dirt could bring noise.
     b. Check if the music file is broken. Confirm the problem by trying another one

    (5). Messy code
     Please check whether it has been set of the right language option.

    (6). WiFi is not working
     All of Tablet PCs have been inspected by Ankaka QC team before shipment.
     However if you still can not make it work well, please check out the following:
     a. Check if there is metal material shelter around the tablet.
     b. Please try the several signal models of your wireless router one by one.
     c. Check if the password of wireless connection is correct.

    (7).Does it support YouTube?
    A. Yes, But you have to install the YouTube App or the SkyFire Browser via Market apps,  which is free of charge. There are also many softwares available on the internet which can   be used to download YouTube videos onto your device, so you can also enjoy the videos even if not connected with the internet.

    (8).Can I use this as an MP3 or MP4 Player?
    A. Yes of course.

    (9).How to install the TF card?

    1. Turn off the device

    2. Insert the TF card into the slot (contacts facing down towards the screen).

    3. Turn on the device

    4. Go to the ES Explorer

    5. In Explorer, press / (the leftmost button on the top)

    6. Go to File Explorer and check to see if there is a directory called "extsd".  That is your TF card!

    The hardware support GPS. However, As the wholesaler, Ankaka provides the GPS-enabled hardware only, not the software. Ankaka provides no warranty or customer support regarding GPS software. Ankaka cannot provide downloads / links / advice regarding GPS software. Any software installation you undertake should be performed or supervised by a professional.

    (11) 3G
    It only support the following 3G dongles (more dongles are being tested by Ankaka )

    CDMA 2000: Huawei EC122, Wangxun E1916, ZTE AC2376


        Please refer to the bottom of the site.

    i have bought from you some time ago this Flytouch2 with Android 2.1 and i notice in the comments that it could be upgrade now to Android 2.2. Can you help with recommendation/ instructions? thank you. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email sale@ankaka.com for the reflash instruction.

    2012-02-08 14:34:51 fishkin

    How I can receive my coupon for video? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiL8WNtGOvU mailto: swcentr@yandex.ru or: swcentr@cmail.com [ANKAKA REPLIED]We will reward your video soon. Pls have a check with your email for the coupon.

    2011-11-12 03:00:36 Vorobyev

    please help me. I got this fly touch 2 used. I dont know the passcode pattern. Again please help as I cant reach the man that sold it to me. [ANKAKA REPLIED]This tablet has been upgraded for about half a year and don't need the registration code anymore. There is no registration code available right now.Please let us know your order number with inquiry.

    2011-11-11 17:35:46 Lisa

    It`s possible make Videoconference with it? [ANKAKA REPLIED]This tablet doesn't support video chat.

    2011-09-08 14:37:11 Palacios

    Hello, I have a few questions about this tablet. It is available to Czech? Flash 10.1 is installed? It is installed on Android market? And what is the delivery time to the Czech Republic? And nurseries have in store 32 gigabytes card that works on this tablet? Thank you for your answers;). [ANKAKA REPLIED]It supports Czech language. Flash 10.1 and android market has been pre-installed. It supports memory expansion with TF/micro SD card up to 32GB. Pls refer to the site below for our shipping policy: http://www.ankaka.com/page.html?id=21

    2011-08-10 05:27:42 David

    Can you watch youtube videos & skype mobile phones, also can you get this unit with 512RAM? What does HDMI Camera mean? Last question can you facebook and make videos to post on youtube? Speedy repl bcuz I'm ready to buy [ANKAKA REPLIED]This tablet supports youtube video & facebook. But the skype calls function is not supported. The built-in RAM capacity is only DDR 2 256MB and can't be enlarged to RAM 512MB. This tablet support HDMI output & camera function. HDMI output function allows you to watch videos on HDTVs.

    2011-08-04 06:46:11 Dan Yale

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiL8WNtGOvU [ANKAKA REPLIED]We will reward it two months later.

    2011-07-26 06:51:14 Sergey

    Hello every one interested in this item. I bought this Superpad 10.2" Tablet PC, Google Android 2.1, Webcam, GPS, HDMI, USB, WI-FI, 2 micro SD card slots. It arrived from Singapore within ten days. The package was well sealed, just in case it fell off in the Ocean on its way here. Out of the Box, and there is a CRACK in the lower right corner of its screen. It was a V shaped crack, of over ONE WHOLE INCH length of each side of the V. There is a thin protective film of see through nylon. laid over the screen. Hoping that the crack is in this film, I lifted it up and to my dismay, it is the SCREEN itself that has the CRACK. I called AMAZON at their Customer Service Number 1-206-922-0865, and the representative advised me to contact the SELLER, for is is purchased from a third party seller. Pleading with him that I purchased it from AMAZON.COM and I paid for it to AMAZON.COM, using my AMAZON.COM credit card from CHASE, still he said AMAZON.COM can not help me with this, and I cannot return it to AMAZON.COM for any kind of a REFUND. I contacted by email the seller, for they are the sellers and shippers of this unit. Their response came in surprisingly very quick, offering me that I KEEP IT, because the scratch does not affect its performance, in exchange of a refund of USD 30.00. I countered with a request of USD 50.00 for the risky chance I am taking in keeping a defective unit. They came back with a final offer of a refund of USD 35.00, with TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT attitude; for the seller's representative warned me that if I insist on RETURNING this defective unit to them, I will not be getting the FULL REFUND I am supposedly entitled to, for I must pay for Shipping it insured, back to Singapore, and that then I can file a claim with AMAZON. But this filing comes with the following condition from the seller's representative: In addition to the cost of shipping it back, I stand to loose more, for the seller warned me that -quote-: ================================================================ {If any buyer return this item meanwhile file a claim to amazon, We will deduct 15% handing charges from buyer's payment, so we sincerely hope you don't file any claim to amazon}. ================================================================ Weighing the odds of keeping the defective or returning it, I decided to keep it. The refund came fast from AMAZON.COM, with their apology that I received a defective unit. I had already bought for it from AMAZON.COM a 10.2" Synthetic Leather Case with Keyboard and Stylus Pen for ePad and aPad (Black) by Usso and two units of SanDisk 16 GB micro SDHC Flash Memory Card SDSDQ-016G (Bulk Packaging) by SanDisk. The decent box that the tablet came in is great, with SuperPAD printed on its outside. Inspecting it all around, the labels for all of the on its right side sockets, are printed on the back side. BUT, THERE NOTHING ELSE PRINTED THERE OR ANY WHERE ELSE ON THE BODY OF THE TABLET. THIS MEANS, THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NEITHER THE BRAND OF THE TABLET, NOR MODEL OR SERIAL NUMBER. THUS, I am not sure what I have in my hands, is it a REAL SuperPad Tablet that I ordered from AMAZON.COM, or is it a fake and cheap imitation? I believe that AMAZON.COM should look into this serious matter. I plugged the Tablet to charge it and meanwhile I checked its included in the box paper Manual. The Manual does not even have the NAME OF THE UNIT it is supposed to be for. But it turned out to be its manual. There is a TABLE of Contents but there is no Index. Once it fully charged after some eight hours later, I put it inside the Synthetic Case with Built in Keyboard, turned it on and it fired up. I went thru its SETTINGS features and it is very well organized. I connected it to Wi-Fi using my DSL network, and it worked fine. I connected to the Internet using its built in browser, and it worked fine. I logged in to AMAZON.COM and when I signed in and purchased a free game, the unit became automatically REGISTERED with AMAZON.COM under my account. Playing around with it, using the external keyboard, I am finding out some nice features NOT MENTIONED in its Manual. When in the main screen, one such feature is by positioning the pointer of the external mouse (not included in the Box), the lower right or lower left corners, upon clicking, the PAGE TURNS to the next or previous page. The built in keyboard of the Synthetic Leather Case is great for general use, but it has its own short comings. I need to get a special USB cord with the two ends of it being USB connectors, for I want to connect it directly to my Laptop, and try to use its keyboard, and to COPY some of my Downloaded Kindle Books and to the Tablet. While connected to the net via Wi-Fi, it disconnected a few times, for no obvious reason, for my laptop was at the same time connected via the same WiFi network, and it was working great. So the defect of disconnecting has to be in the Tablet, either Hardware or Software, I do not know. One important feature that is needed a lot but it is missing in this tablet's Browser, is there is NO BACK button to go back to the previous page. It might be hidden some where, but I did not discover it yet. Using the tablet on its own Battery Power, it ran out of juice in about an hour of heavy use. The touch screen works great, so far. So I decided to keep an extention cord along with its charger in the box, which I will keep plugged into the wall socket, when I am out at a Cafe with free Wi-Fi connection. This way, I will not run out of juice. In conclusion and summary, I am very pleased that I kept it, with the scratch on its screen. If I discover some more features that are not in the very poorly written manual, God is willing, I will update this post. I am hopping that someone out there would benifit from this report. Thanks for reading. cabbieiam ============================================== [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please let us know your order number if you purchase from us. For case like this, we will either refund or send replacement after confirming with DHL. Thanks for your comments.

    2011-07-08 08:52:49 Cabbie I Am

    Hi Ankaka, I am looking for a flytouch 3 and a silicone cover. Does the ipad cover fit - i thought the sizes were different. Could you please confirm if this is correct. Only negative I can see for the flytouch 3. QUOTE: what can this flytouch 2 do better then the ipad. Also are you guys going to have silicon covers for it. [ANKAKA REPLIED] This tablet uses android OS which is different from iPad. You can order silicon covers for ipad and it will fit this tablet. thanks, Stephen [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes, the silicon covers for ipad fit our FT3 tablet well. FT3 tablet is stable right now. You can make orders directly on our site if you have interest.

    2011-06-25 21:55:12 Stephen

    i cant charge my fly touch enymore it is broken, can i send it back? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls email sale@ankaka.com for solution. There are many factors might cause this problem.

    2011-06-13 13:45:55 Fredrik Martinsson

    Hi i have bought Fly touch 2: Android 2.1 Tablet, 10.1", 1GHz CPU, Wifi, G-sensor, HDMI Output, Camera: it states in the book It only support the following 3G dongles (more dongles are being tested by Ankaka ) is there a chance it will work with a testra prepaid dongle or guide me in the right direction to purchase one suitable for australian 3g network [ANKAKA REPLIED]You can try your testra prepaid dongle to see whether it works. We are testing more dongles for this tablet.

    2011-05-17 22:44:18 peter allen

    This just isn't my type of thing, i'm more of a simple, apple person. can i send it back? and how long would i have to do it? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Pls email sale@ankaka.com for solution.

    2011-05-17 07:08:40 Jane

    I have seen the exact model of this product 'Fly Touch 2' being sold locally and it is running 2.1 with the updates to 2.2. Can you confirm that it is not able to update before I decide whether to buy it? I know you have the 'Fly Touch 3' supporting Andriod 2.2 but it has 1 TF slot compare to 'FT 2' which have 2 TF slots.. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Our flytouch 2 can be upgraded to android 2.2 OS right now.

    2011-05-09 05:13:06 Fred

    Good morning, I wonder if it downloads files. rar, and accepts external keyboard?Thank you. [ANKAKA REPLIED]This tablet supports to download files and accepts external keyboard. Tks!

    2011-03-29 09:19:36 Beatriz Barros

    Hello I purchased what seems to be the fly touch 2 from another website which I have not gotten yet and am regretting i bought it from the other website instead of buying it on ankaka.com which has way better prices and knows more about there stuff, I wanted to know if the fly touch 2 can use flash player at all? I know its a 2.1 android and I've herd you could use flash player on it but I'm not so sure, the fly touch 3 supports flash player as you have answered my question before and i wish i bought it and probably would in the future. I just want to know if there is a way the fly touch 2 can use flash player. Thank you! People I've Search around 15 different sites ankaka.com has some of the best prices for TABLETS!!!! thanks for the help! [ANKAKA REPLIED]According to our research, fly touch 2 can't support full adobe flash but fly touch 3 can absolutely support flash player. You can see our customer reviews for the fly touch 3 product. Thanks for your feedback. As a wholesale, we always try to offer the best price on the market.

    2011-03-28 04:50:18 Alan

    about the price how come you can go so cheep? amazon has it for 205! makes me wonder. :0 [ANKAKA REPLIED]We are an electronics wholesaler so we are offering the lowest price for our customers. Thanks.

    2011-03-21 21:57:48 johnblack45

    Very good product! just one of the best out there on the market the only pitty is that you can not video call with skype or fring but appart from that it is one of the best tablets on the market. I would even dare to say that is better than some archos models available here in Europe. Btw Ankaka I read a lot about a "flytouch 3 (superpad 2)" This is actually a flytouch 2 with 512MB ram and bigger battery and android 2.2 Are you planning on taking this into your stocklist soon? Thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. We will list flytouch 3 this week.

    2011-03-13 11:22:06 Sebastiaan

    accepts usb pen drive as storage? as max? [ANKAKA REPLIED] This tablet supports SD/SDHC card up to 32G MAX, and it can accept a usb drive as storage. Tks!

    2011-03-04 10:09:36 randoom

    Does it comes with an European charger??? On the picture there is an American charger....... [ANKAKA REPLIED] We can include an EU charger with product for our European Customers. Tks!

    2011-03-04 05:57:35 Harold

    Hi, I bought a Fly touch 2 about 10 days ago. However, when I wanted to open it today, the screen always stoped on the green page which had a "communication" word on it and the operating system can not go into the desktop page. I was wondering do you have any people who can figure out this problem for me, since it is a new android tablet that it should not have a problem like that. Thanks. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please email sale@ankak.com and include your order number. We will give you instruction for reflashing the tablet.

    2011-02-28 00:59:15 Wang

    what can this flytouch 2 do better then the ipad. Also are you guys going to have silicon covers for it. [ANKAKA REPLIED] This tablet uses android OS which is different from iPad. You can order silicon covers for ipad and it will fit this tablet.

    2011-02-26 02:19:24 Junior Rios

    can this tablet be rooted to access console i need to be able to access the network functions via console ? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please let us know what console you are referring to.

    2011-02-22 09:35:22 jared

    Good day sir Regarding this flytouch 2, you sure spport arabic language? hope to replay plz thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]This tablet doesn't support arabic right now. The one supports arabic will be available at the end the Feb, 2011.

    2011-02-21 11:36:55 Haytham

    There are many different names for this device in different shops. How exactly it is named in your shop, what is written on the cover box? (WowPad, Gome, SuperPad, MID, AL-10, etc) [ANKAKA REPLIED]It's written MID Tablet

    2011-02-18 12:24:20 Denis

    Purchased this a few weeks ago and works great! I am still getting used to the android system, but this is a great product! I will post a video review soon.

    2011-02-11 00:30:50 ACM

    i baught this from you say it will run skype it will load it but it will not work it has 1480 in it needs 1568 to work it has an update icon but that doesnt work eather. every thing works fine but skype and that is one thing i need. when will update take place? [ANKAKA REPLIED:] You should be able to download Skype from the app store.

    2011-02-05 11:27:29 roy grosse

    hello, I was interested in buying one of these ,but when i tried to order it wouldnt except my city. What should I do? [ANKAKA REPLIED:] We ship worldwide. Please send your city and country name to sale@ankaka.com

    2011-01-30 14:34:23 Passman

    Market on my tablet shows sever error? is there something i can do or reset ? [ANKAKA REPLIED:] Sever error? Would you explain details and send it to sale@ankaka.com ?

    2011-01-30 11:46:33 VIC

    just wanted to know how much shipping to the united states would be. [Ankaka Replied:] .How To Calculate Shipping Costs Of This Product A. Click "Add to Cart" You will then be taken to the Shopping Cart page. B.Scroll down to Estimate Shipping Costs. C.Select your country in the drop-down menu. D.Your estimated shipping cost will be displayed.

    2011-01-29 20:01:57 Michael

    This tablet is finger sensitive or is needed the stilus for working with? [ANKAKA REPLIED]This screen is with resistive screen so stylus or fingernail works better than finger soft touch. Thanks.

    2011-01-26 10:20:18 Juan

    Hi I have 2 questions, (1)The system could detect 3G external dongle with the supported Huawei E1750. However, the status always show disconnected. He confirmed that 3G network has been activated. How to solve it? Will it be any software development to support more 3G dongles like Huawei E1550, Huawei E153, Huawei E270, Huawei E220? (2)The performance of loading application and internet access is quite slow, slower than apad A8 even though it is running on 1GHz CPU ARM11. Please advise how to tune the performance. Thanks you. [ANKAKA REPLIED]Please follow the link below for 3g connection: http://www.slatedroid.com/index.php?topic=13645.0 The A8 uses android 2.2 OS so it will be faster than the android 2.1 OS used by flytouch 2.

    2011-01-21 23:00:25 Tjun

    Once we pay for the product how long does it take to get shipped. Thanks [ANKAKA REPLIED]We usually ship within 24 hours. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2011-01-21 09:58:25 john

    Does it come with a Genuine Registration Code, so I can automatically update the system? [ANKAKA REPLIED]On the back of the tablet, there will be registration code for each product. You can download applications but the android system can't be upgraded. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2011-01-13 23:06:28 Philli

    Hello - Can you down load the youversion.com app to this tablet ? Have you and can you ensure it works. [ANKAKA REPLIED]We are sure about this application. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2011-01-13 10:26:50 David

    is it compatible with skype and does it come pre-loaded it with it [Ankaka Replied:] Yes, compatible.

    2011-01-12 14:50:34 fuentes

    On first impressions this tablet is excellent. quite responsive and an excellent screen to view images/videos. Android Market app makes it easy to get extra apps looking forward to any updates Fred

    2011-01-11 03:39:21 Fred

    How do you connect to the 3G? What is a TF card? [Ankaka replied] TF card is micro SD card. It only support the following 3G dongles (more dongles are being tested by Ankaka ) WCDMA: Huawei E1750 CDMA 2000: Huawei EC122, Wangxun E1916, ZTC AC2376

    2011-01-10 09:10:16 Vernon Smith

    Does this come with GPS? How long does the battery last for? Is the processor telechips or informitx x220? [Ankaka replied] The GPS function is still under testing. Work time: about 3-5 hours. Processor is ARM.

    2011-01-10 06:53:35 dbentham

    Can this be upgraded to Android 2.2 or 3.0? Does it come preloaded with Android Market? [ANKAKA REPLIED]This tablet cannot be upgraded but comes preloaded with Android Market. Thank you for your inquiry.

    2011-01-09 10:55:20 Michael Berry

    Hi, i am interested of buying a Flytouch 2 tablet, so i want to ask you some questions: - Is Flytouch going to get an update to Android 3.0 Honeycomb later this year? - Can you ship Flytouch to Greece? What is the shipping cost? Is there going to be any problems with Greek custom office? Thank you in advance... [Ankaka Replied:] 1. I don’t know. Sorry. 2. Yes, we ship worldwide. 3.How To Calculate Shipping Costs Of This Product A. Click "Add to Cart" You will then be taken to the Shopping Cart page. B.Scroll down to Estimate Shipping Costs. C.Select your country in the drop-down menu. D.Your estimated shipping cost will be displayed. 4. http://www.ankaka.com/page.html?id=20

    2011-01-08 03:01:52 Vangelis

    send it to chile? (South America) ... what is the value plus shipping? [ANKAKA REPLIED]Yes. We ship worldwide. Thanks.

    2010-12-31 20:54:17 rodrigo